Johnny Steele, Comedian

Johnny Steele

Humorist, roustabout, muckraker, writer, broadcaster, and hater of the stupid.
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Johnny Steele Comedy ClassHave you ever dreamed of being laughed at by a room full of strangers? No, wait, I mean intentionally. On purpose. Not just because you're a dork.

Then you're in luck. My Zero to Funny in Six Weeks stand up comedy workshops are back with classes in both the east bay and Marin, known comedy hotspots (uh, sarcasm).

This workshop is for total novices as well as comics who have been performing for years but still suck. Oh, yeah, you know who you are. We'll cover everything from creating material, establishing rhythm and POV, defining delivery, bonding with audiences, and seducing waitresses.
No, wait, that last one is a different workshop taught by Harvey Weinstein.
See, humor, just that easy.

I'll post dates and locations sometime next week. Classes start w/i 4 weeks. You stop sucking and boring people soon after.

Drop me a PM if you have any questions (I mean about the workshop, not your marriage or investing or the meaning of life).

If you were offended by the Weinstein joke perhaps stand up isn't for you. Go home and loosen your man bun.

If you want to sue me because I'm offering a 'stand up comedy workshop' but some people can't stand, promptly gas yourself to death.

If you are a dork and are upset by my use of the word 'dork,' dork. (Apologies to Foxworthy.)

If you are a millennial know the following: You may be exposed to ideas contrary to your own (gasp), the instructor is a man so you will be exposed to dreaded mansplaining (gasp again), and there will be no participation trophies awarded (gasp gasp gasp).

Contact Johnny

Contact Johnny


Who’s Johnny Steele?

Johnny began performing comedy in 1984 after quitting graduate school in a move his parents named: Operation $40K Down The Drain. But Johnny quickly got the hang of the craft and was soon performing – and drinking for free! – at the nation’s top clubs.

During the next decade Johnny went on to perform at comedy festivals, win comedy competitions, log over 20 national TV appearances, and did we mention drink for free?

In 1997 Johnny left the comedy scene to host San Francisco’s Live 105 Morning Radio Show. Guests ranged from Carol O’Conner to David Bowie to city supervisors, and both the S.F. Weekly’s annual readers’ poll and the S.F. Publicity Club picked it the city’s best show. The Chronicle called it the ‘best morning chatter show’ and also dubbed it ‘clean and smart.’ Therefore, it was cancelled in the summer of ’98 to make room for the Howard Stern Poop and Wiener Hour.

In 1999 Johnny’s career took another turn when he became co-host of KRON/Bay TV’s THE SHOW. For three years Johnny’s informal interview style and outrageous ad-lib comments kept everyone laughing. The irrepressible Johnny once told feminist photographer Annie Lebovitz that he bought her book Women because he thought it was a directory. Well, he kept almost everybody laughing.

Johnny is currently performing comedy as well as working on a number of web, radio, and TV projects, one of which is bound to take off due to, if nothing else, pure dumb luck. He is also working on a humorous solo show about his journey to find peace in a WalMart America gone mad with mindless consumption, endless sprawl, and bone jarring stupidity. And really, aren’t we all?